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Amish Meals

Amish Meal

Your B&B hosts work with the businesses that arrange Amish meals. They are served every day except Sunday. We can make a reservation for you to visit an Amish family that prepares family-style meals that they personally serve to you in their home. This gives you an authentic Amish experience on the actual farms where the family lives. Amish meal part of Stellar tours

You will eat in the Amish home in their dining area. The simple meals consist of a salad, fried chicken and one other meat, mashed potatoes and gravy, a vegetable, noodles or dressing, and usually homemade bread with area-made jelly, and a choice of pie or fruit.

It is their custom to have a moment of silent prayer or a group led prayer. Usually one person will indicate that the prayer should start. Individuals pray silently according to their faith. The prayer time ends when someone makes a "starting noise" at the table. Sometimes it is picking up silverware.

To make arrangements, call: 217.268.4876

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Price: 10% off regular room price

*Notes: We can make the reservation for you. The meal price varies somewhat around $17 per person, depending on which touring service accepts the reservation. We will give you the details when you arrive.