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Arthur Cheese Festival

Dates: 08/29/2015 - 08/31/2015
Times: 9:30 AM-5:00 PM

Say "cheese" and you will be doing more than smiling at the annual Arthur Cheese Festival. This annual 3-day event attracts tens of thousands every year, with its focus on cheese, a product of the Amish community.

It's a festival. It has games games for just kids, sidewalk sales, a variety of vendor stands with crafts and collectables, food, street performances, and music for the adults.

The festival features several interesting diversions including:
  • Free samples given away at different times during the festival
  • Blocks of cheese given to selected individuals
  • A nationally recognized Cheese Eating Contest. Youth division is 12 years-old and under. Adults are over 13. The contest will determine the National Cheese Eating National Championship. The contest centers on a one pound block of Colby cheese, a bottle of water as a chaser, and a timer. The first to eat it all or the one with the most eaten in 5 minutes will be crowned the champion. Only the first 36 contestants are allowed in each age class.
  • Win a World title in the International Cheese Curling Championships. Family and kids divisions in this event.
  • A friendly human-sized mouse that entertains everyone

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