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Arthur BarBeQue Competition

Central Illinois Bragging Rights Competition KCBS BBQ

Dates: 10/09/2015 - 10/10/2015
Times: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

Arthur�s annual competition draws teams from several states including the highly-competitive Texas teams and others from Florida, North Dakota, and Michigan. The list includes several from Kansas City Barbeque Society�s (KCBS) top ten teams.

A popular event that now attracts several thousand visitors to watch the competition, to share in the results, to see the creativity and to enjoy clever displays, provides visitors with a combination of festival experience, good natured fun, and an opportunity to sample the best barbeque cooking in the world.

Other benefits include:
  • Competition recipes are made available
  • The cooks bring side dishes and deserts
  • Bluegrass music on stage
  • Vendor activities and area arts and crafts
The traveler who is seeking a different and interesting experience won�t be disappointed.

For the competitors, the event is KCBS certified covering all four standard categories of the event and includes cash prizes.

It's a challenge. Bring any grill you have, some chicken and ribs, some flavorings, a couple of lawn chairs and some refreshments and show us your skills. The bbq that pleases your family just might win you some cash and bragging rights. In this event also the organizers provide plenty of room for last minute teams. So make your plans and send in your online application. For more information Click Here.

Arthur,IL 61911

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