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Annual May Day Faerie Celebration

Dates: 05/01/2015 - 05/01/2015
Times: Dawn-Dusk

Traditionally a May 1st celebration. Sometimes, however, the school schedule sometimes requires that it be held on different dates.

There are a few times when we can still use our imagination and dream dreams. The annual May Day celebration at the Flower Patch brings out pictures of imaginary fairies, stories about their lives, and unique and cleverly designed houses constructed by school children and tucked into the flowers and herbs of the garden.

Guests can sample little squares of fairy cake, sip specially prepared juice drinks, and watch the children wrap their ribbons around the may pole.

The experience unfolds in phases. The grand fairy tells stories. The art work of Lynne portrays the fairy featured for the year's celebration. After looking at the painting, the children have fairy cake and fairy punch which they take to the patio to enjoy as they look at the gardens.

Unknown to the children, the houses of the fairies are hidden among the flowers and herbs of the garden. When Lynne announces the presence of these houses that have been left behind and gives the students fairy dust to cast across the garden, the students get to hunt for the fairy houses, walk through the gardens and spread their handfuls of fairy dust.

Usually parents and adults and those still young at heart bring their cameras to capture the special moments when the children wrap colorful ribbons around the May pole.
Fairies live in Lynn's garden. Of course, they are difficult to see and sometimes you can only know them from the things that are hiding there. At one place you will see a tiny table with cups and saucers. At another you will see a broken branch, a nest of leaves, seeds in pods, and other houses - a piece of bark, cones, fallen leaves, mosses and lichen, pine needles, stones, nut shells, egg shells, acorns, grasses and a little wheelbarrow that waits for use when humans are gone. At night there are soft glowing lamps that shine on a gazing ball where fairies gather to read their poems and sing their songs.

Fairy Tag

Have you listened carefully
To the rustling of the leaves,
Or watched as they danced & swirled around,
And go wherever they pleased?

It looks as if they're almost alive,
As they skip along the ground,
And play a game of tag-you-first,
And chase each other around.

Listen to the applause of the leaves,
Being sent by the wind so wild,
Then look underneath them closely,
And you may see a fairy child.

Because it's not only our children,
Who run & laugh & play,
It could be you're watching a fairy Child.
Playing tag on a windy day.

From Amy Boettcher, The Fairies' Playground (copied with permission)

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