Amish Quilts

Amish Quilts

If there is an Amish art form, itís in their magnificent quilts. Collectors come from all over the nation to buy Amish quilts. They are highly prized for the creative designs. The Amish women are almost all quilters since it is part of their social practice to have "quilting bees" with family, friends, or neighbors.

You may want to bring your quilt group to the area on a Quilt Retreat at the Bed and Breakfast. Our excellent facilities and notable meals are a perfect addition to your visit to the Amish quilt area.

Mariners Compass Log Cabin Amish QuiltFor the visitor to this area there are several opportunities to see Amish quilts. Arthur hosts an annual Quilt Show in April. Also Rockome Gardens in Arcola, Illinois hosts four different quilt auctions: In April, May, August, and September. The visitors are allowed to look through the quilts until 1:00 PM when the sale starts. An experienced auctioneer will call the sale and you can experience the excitement of bidding for your very own Amish quilt.

You will see some of the famous Amish quilt patterns displayed in the Arthur show and in the Rockome auctions.

In addition you can visit several fabric shops including the praised Stitch & Sew fabric shop in Arthur, IL.

Jeanne from Tennessee had this to say about it: "I visited this store for the first time this past week and I can guarantee I will visit it again every time my travels lead me near it!! It is a wonderful store on a charming street in a small community with a large Amish/Mennonite population. The store had a wonderful selection of fabric, most of it $1 - $2 per yard less than the same fabrics in every other store I've visited lately. It carries a wide selection of recent Moda fabrics for less than $7 per yard and the price for layer cakes, jelly roles, charm packs is also very good! I picked up Sleepytime charm packs for less than $5 each. A hidden treasure!"

There are always quilts on display in the area and our we have several in our two Bed and Breakfasts.